What Are Affiliate Links?

This is a way to get paid for other people’s work. It’s like buying online but instead of paying money, you pay commission! I make money when you purchase something on Amazon after clicking on my affiliate link. When you purchase through me, I also profit.

Which Affiliate Links do I use?

I have an Amazon Affiliate blog. Whenever I talk about a product on my blog, I will provide the link. Every time you click a link on my page and buy something from Amazon, I get a small commission.

Why am I using affiliate links?

I’m using affiliate links so I can share the best information for free. I don’t have any advertisements on my blog so if you find the information I share valuable, please consider buying this product after clicking on my link. It will also help me offset some of my blog expenses, plus provide me an extra bit for my time.

How You Can Support Me?

If you want to support my blog, please consider using the affiliate links that I’ve placed on this site. I recommend that you buy from my affiliate links because the more money I make from them, the easier it will be for me to add new content.

What About Sponsored Content?

No, I don’t post sponsored content. I don’t write sponsored content, nor do I receive money for doing so.

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